Case Study


At the heart of it, giffgaff believe in simplicity. A better way to do mobile. 
They’d rather you stay with giffgaff because you want to, not because there's a contract forcing you to.

The Brief

Since the first time giffgaff came to Dig-In, their brief has been consistent. They want a campaign that shows students why they're different to other network providers and why they should choose them.

Our Solution

By including a pack of playing cards for every student, along with a free SIM card and unique offer, giffgaff would reach over 80% of all new UK students in a memorable and engaging way.

The Results


SIM cards given to students via the Dig-In Welcome Box

The simple idea of giving a deck of cards and SIM has proved so popular with students, giffgaff have returned year after year. To date, we've handed out over 1.5 million giffgaff SIM cards.

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