The Freshers’ Giveaway 2018

What’s In Your Box?

Ok, we could phrase that better:
Your Dig-In Welcome Box is waiting for you at Uni! The question is… what’s inside?

Now that would be telling...

We're not in the business of ruining surprises, but here's a little glimpse at what we're giving away in this year's 2018 Fresher’s Giveaway!

£3000 Cash
HolidayTo America
10 x £100Cash
£50 ShoppingVouchers
+ LoadsMore!

That’s it for now, we hope you have a stress-free move to your new digs at uni. See you again at freshers'...


ps. One thing we can tell you is inside your Dig-In Box, there's a giffgaff SIM card with £5 credit when you spend £10, so if you’re planning on buying a SIM for uni, hang on! If you've got any questions, get in touch: